TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR causes flooding in Dhaka on Tuesday as 11.4 inches of rain fell in six hours breaking a sixty-year-old record.

Here is my friend, Halim in front of his small room which had water in it at least a foot above the entrance.  The next photo is of a cycle trying to decide whether to go through a water-logged intersection.  I saw later that he backed up and due to the traffic-jam returned via the sidewalk.  He did use his horn so I could get out of his way.  Many rickshaws and cycles took to the sidewalks to bypass the jams.  The “Daily Star” blames clogged drains and filled up canals for the waterlogging (flooding).  Oh by the way, I didn’t crop the heads off of the cycle photo, they were never on the photo.


Shall We Chance it

Day 208

CLOWN BETEL NUT HAWKER chuga-lugging what was left of Matthias’ Diet Pepsi.  He saw it in Matthias’ hand and thought he had to have it.  In the second photo you see the fizz escaping.  He was a clown and sure distracted people from the game.  Our team lost 3-2 in this semi-final game of the tournament!  :-(

Bengalis sure know how to drink from a bottle without touching it to their lips!

Foaming at the mouth? Too much Diet Pepsi!