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Literacy is a blessing!  Thanks to all those that teach others to read!!

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I decided to re-post this photo from 2010, to show what the Kanchenjunga mountain (World’s 3rd highest) looks like on a clear day, since during our recent visit the mountain could barely be seen through the clouds. This photo is from January 2010.

marlandphotos-blog-photography-India-Kanchenjunga-mount ain


This photo was taken at the top of the Munster cathedral in Switzerland

This is my wife Alice.  I trust that you all are looking into the New Year with hope and joy! I pray if it holds pain for some of you that the pain will cause growth in some way.



This wasn’t my favorite photo of the year, but visiting this site in Hagnau, Germany was a highlight.  My ancestor Jacob Raber left this home in 1836 for America when he was 5 years old.  The exact generation and date I couldn’t confirm since my genealogy book is packed away in America somewhere!

IMG_6729 - Copy



It is also called the Evangelical Reformed Church!


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