Day 215

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANTOSHI KHAREL, my Nepali daughter!!!  Hope you had a very special day.  We got to know Santoshi, who worked in the office that arranged our six-day trekking experience in the Annapurna Range.

A sweet smile!

Day 214

CHICKEN ON THE HOOF so to speak!  If you want a great chicken curry here is one way to purchase it.  I usually go to the market and tell them how many I want.  They weigh them live charge me 110 taka/kg (72 cents/lb).  Typically each chicken weighs 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs).  Then they put it into a mechanical plucker, take out the innards, put everything in a bag (except the guts and feathers!) and I take it home.  The one day the electricity was off so they skinned them instead of plucking the feathers.

Fresh meat at your door!

Day 213

MAHBUB attempts to score.  After 2 weeks of thriling contests between all the top teams of underground football…..JOSephites SOCCER KNIGHTS beat 7NA in a classic final ..full time score was 0-0…but JSK won in penalty….nice keeping by TANZIR…JSK beat rapid fc 2-0 in their semi final and 7NA beat REMIAN RAIDERS on penalty after 1-1 draw.

Great attempt!