Day 46


I saw this scene near the Towne Hall Bazaar.  These guys were sifting sand for the building site on this street.

Sifting sand in bright red shirts and lungis.!

Day 45


This is the 43 Valentine’s Day since we met!  We met on September 18, 1966.  1,000 days later Alice became my wife.  Those were the longest 1,000 days of my life!!  Valentine’s Day 2006 was a very special day for us, since it was the day her Oncologist declared her cancer free, five years following her bout with colon cancer.   She is enjoying a dozen red roses I bought her for 160 taka ($2.35 USD).  I also bought her a throw for the couch which a group in Mymensingh made.  It was parts of two saris sewn together back to back and quilted.

Alice at the Dhaba Restaurant, where they serve great S. African food.

Day 44


We spent most of the day at this tournament.  It was for ages 6-16 with six schools participating.  Jensen and Pruitt, two of our grandsons played.  Neither of their teams made it past the qualifying rounds.  They were still excited to receive a participation medallion as well as a book bag with goodies in it: cap, tee-shirt, pen, scarf, etc

Pruitt debating whether to pass or not.
Pruitt debating whether to pass or not.
Jensen is set to pass the football.
Jensen is set to pass the football.

Day 43


After a 2 hour visit in this home the office helper and her daughter went with us out to the street where we hailed a CNG for our trip home.  This is very typical of the Bengali hospitality.  They don’t just say good-bye at the door, but walk you to the elevator, street etc. to make sure your on the way.  They feel it is their duty as your hosts.  The Bengali people are very hospitable people.  They were very appreciative that we came to visit in their home and enjoy a meal.  


Dustin explaining something to Alice and our hosts.
Dustin explaining something to Alice and our hosts.

Day 42


This young guy took apart one of Alice’s chocolate mint sandwich cookie and enjoyed licking the icing! 

Enjoying one of Alice's cookies
Little boy loving the icing in the center of this cookie.

Day 41


This is the daughter of the mother who hosted us, with her son.

She helped her mother by serving the food.  


Dolly with her son, Shamim
Dolly with her son, Shamim