Day 170

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my wife, Alice.

Now I am again living with an older woman.  I follow close behind her, since I will turn 61 in August!

Here she is having fun with a Nepali lady, likely about all the photos I was taking!

Having fun!

Day 169


I stopped at this boy’s home and gave all the children a pencil.  This young lad found many things to do with his pencil.  Here he is sticking it up his nose!  Little boys are creative aren’t they!


Day 166


This lady was walking down the path beside where we were taking a break.  I had just given some children some pencils.  Her and her friend kind of stopped and hung around.  Our guide then told me that they also want a pencil.  They stayed around awhile and she enjoyed the little butt of a cigarette she had left.  It was down to 1/3 inch but when she dropped it, she picked it up and was going to enjoy it to the end!

Enjoying her smoke!

Day 165


The footballers gave us this vase as a 40th anniv. gift.  I then had it filled with 20 roses.  Note two of our grandsons playing football in the right side background.

Alice and Marland

Day 164


We celebrated with our family on the rooftop of a restaurant under a section of tin roof in a torrential downpour!  Precious memories.  Some amazing lightning and thunder. 

After 40 great years of married life.