Day 128


I’m considering this or a similar arrangement for one of the walls of our apartment.  Feel free to make comments  including recommendations.  If I knew how to use this program  🙂  I would have put spaces between each photo and had every other photo up or down.  So it goes! Have a great day! I see that the program when posted put spaces between photos! Hurray!  Of course then I had too many for one line! 

Great Smile


Sweet Smile
Tumon, the Groom

Zora, the Bride


Happy Lad


Mymensingh Young Lady


Young Lad


Older Gentleman


Mirpur, Dhaka girl

Day 126


This lady sits here almost every day waiting for some rickshaw that needs repairs.  

Rickshaw Mechanic and child.

Day 125


I was coming home on a rickshaw.   Half-way home I saw a traffic jam so I decided to get off and walk.   This is how it looked on Asad Avenue after I had walked five minutes. I knew I had made the right decision.  I made it home in time for my tutor.  In this area there is a big jam because parents or guardians are taking their children to school.  The small streets just can’t handle this much traffic.

Can you count the rickshaws?

Day 122


These eyes belong to Halim’s nephew and nieces whom I met last week.

Friendly Trio