Day 48


While waiting for the gate to be opened for the football (soccer for Americans) tournament at the French school I walked across the street to look at the plants for sale.  Thought this rose was beautiful.


Day 47

BEGGING Here is a old blind beggar on the walking bridge over the farmgate intersection in Dhaka
Blind Beggar

Day 46


I saw this scene near the Towne Hall Bazaar.  These guys were sifting sand for the building site on this street.

Sifting sand in bright red shirts and lungis.!

Day 45


This is the 43 Valentine’s Day since we met!  We met on September 18, 1966.  1,000 days later Alice became my wife.  Those were the longest 1,000 days of my life!!  Valentine’s Day 2006 was a very special day for us, since it was the day her Oncologist declared her cancer free, five years following her bout with colon cancer.   She is enjoying a dozen red roses I bought her for 160 taka ($2.35 USD).  I also bought her a throw for the couch which a group in Mymensingh made.  It was parts of two saris sewn together back to back and quilted.

Alice at the Dhaba Restaurant, where they serve great S. African food.