Day 194

GRANDMA with her grandsons, Riley, Pruitt and Jensen.  They were all in a festive mood since it was her birthday.

Let the good times roll!

Day 195

MUTTON CURRY, a very tasty Bengali dish was prepared by my friend’s (fellow footballer) Mother for all the football players to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  We ate this along with porotas and a special cake.  Halim’s Mother is a wonderful cook.  I’ve had two meals in their home, and he just called last night and wants me to come sometime and bring my wife.

Mutton curry!

Day 193

DAL AND BHAJI (spicy lentils and vegetables and pototoes) is one of my favorite breakfasts with nan ruti!!  Khub moja! or in English “very delicious” Here is some ready in bags to take home.  This shop was in Mohammadia Housing here in Dhaka. 

Spicy lentils and vegetables

Day 192


These were one of our favorite treats during our Nepal visit.  Filled with cabbage, etc.


Day 191

ROADSURFACING WORKER in Iqbal Rd. takes a break from feeding the fire to check out the photographer.

Taking a break.

Day 190

TRAFFIC POLICEMAN are a neccesary part of the operations of Dhaka.  Do they pay any more attention to the policeman than to the traffic lights.  Probably more attention to the policeman.


Day 189


As I took a photo of this street black-topper, he whipped out his phone from somewhere in his lungi and decided to take a picture of me. 

Cell phone in action