Day 118


I made friends with this niece of Halim during my visit to his apartment.

New friend

Day 117


Fish, leafy vegetable, eggs were served during my visit to Halim’s house in the Mohammadia Housing area.  There was also dal (lentil soup) and two more kinds of fish.  It was the best Rui Mach (Bengali name for the fish) I had ever had in Bangladesh.

Fish, eggs, and leafy vegetable

Day 116


Halim’s Brother-in-law checks to see who is walking by his window.  All of his relatives were very friendly.  A few didn’t want their photos taken.

Big Smile

Day 115


This young girl is a niece of the tea-stand operator I spent the afternoon with last Friday.

Young Bengali Girl

Day 114

HALIM a 29 yr-old young man I play football with.  He invited me to his teastand and house today.  I had an enjoyable six hours with him.  Here he is giving me a cup of tea.  

A great friend and football player.


LUNGI and my favorite t-shirt.  After yesterday’s photo showing the out-of-focus spools of thread used in lungi making I thought I should follow-up with a photo showing how a lung is worn.  It is never worn by women.  It does resemble a wrap-around skirt, but with no ends to the skirt (basically a length of fabric with the ends sewed together. 

Me in a lungi and my favorite t-shirt!

Day 112

LUNGI in the making.  While in Joypara we enjoyed watching the different steps in the weaving process of lungi-making.  At night when you walked down the path, you could hear the clickety-clack of the looms.  The lungi is what poor men wear all the time and others only in the confines of their homes.  I wear one most of the time in my home.  

spools of thread