Day 97

ROZI – Alice’s Bangla language tutor.  We are actually leaving with her for 5 day over the Easter Holiday to spend time in her village with her and her husband.  She want’s Alice to teach her some American cooking in the morning while I go out and about with her husband.  In the afternoon is rest time and then every evening we will visit in different homes.  I am looking forward the the many Bengali curries that will likely await us.  Several weeks ago they were without power and water for 30 hours.  We’re fortunate it only goes off here for an hour every other hour during the hot days!

Roji (Donna) a very good tutor!

Day 96

RAINBOW over Dhaka

We had a nice refreshing rain today cooling off the city for awhile.


Day 95


After the haircuts we got on a rickshaw and headed home.  After taking the photo, I actually sat up behind Jensen on the back of the seat.

Is there still room for Grandpa?

Day 94


Here is Riley enjoying one of his many cups of tea while he was waiting for his brother’s to finish getting their hair cut!

Riley, examining the look's of his haircut!

Day 92


Here is Jensen getting his haircut.  There is a photo of one of these barbers cutting my hair in November.  It was taken by friends visiting us.  I’m sure soon there will be new photo to put on their mirror!

The 33.3 taka haircut (50 cents U.S. Funds)

Day 91


On Thursday, Austin, Marita, Jim (Marita’s brother) and his wife, Normi went to Mymensingh for a day trip.  Therefore, our grandsons spent the day with us, from 5:30 am to 10 pm.  Marita had said I could take them to the barber.  I told them that ever since I had taken them to the barber last June, he asks me where they are, when I get a haircut.  Well here is a series of photos featuring Jensen, the oldest grandson.

Jensen enjoying a cup of Bengali tea.