Day 37

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARITA We enjoyed celebrating Marita’s Birthday last night at Nando’s (a South African restaurant).  We went to our apartment for an ice cream cake, mints, m & m peanut mix, and Irish Creme sticks.  Following that Alice and I went to the neighbors to see the wedding photos they had printed.     Continue reading Day 37

Day 36

WILL THE TRAFFIC EVER STOP? Today at 2 pm I was glad I was walking.  I’m sure it took me less time than any vehicles going the same direction to the same place.  Too many schools, of course none with parking lots.  When parents or guardians pick up the children they park in the street. … Continue reading Day 36

Day 33

GROUNDHOG DAY We don’t have Punxsutawney Phil but we do have butterflies.  Looking at the calendar we have 13 more days of Winter in Bangladesh.  This butterfly was photographed in Sri Mongol in June.  Since this day is about shadows I thought this shadow would be great to feature.   Groundhog Day is an annual holiday … Continue reading Day 33

Day 32

YOUNG LADS I had a nice walk this morning to Farmgate with my XTI in hand.  I was asked to stop at a tea stand for a cup of tea and conversation.  With some help I located a restroom in a bus company administrative building.  Upon exiting I found a fellow who wanted to discuss … Continue reading Day 32