About Marland

I am 69 years old and live in Ohio, U.S.A.  I was a school principal for 21 years, and worked as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist for 17 1/2 years.  My hobbies are photography, hiking, and travel.  I am married and we have two sons, a daughter-in-law and three grandsons. I currently do taxi work for the Amish  here in Holmes County, Ohio.

41 Replies to “About Marland”

  1. i am the one from Hong Kong who met you in pokhara this morning, very nice to see so many good pictures…i will show you mine after i get back to home. look forward to seeing your good shots on poon hill!


  2. Wow, these pics makes me feel that I’m looking at another country! This is Bangladesh and from a photographer’s point of view. Thanks I’ll be following your ramblings.

    My name is Tamal Anwar and I’m an internet blogger at BD, nice to meet you Marland


  3. I enjoyed “the visit” to your “page”—the photos are good, the “ramblings” are interesting. May Father bless you and your work.


  4. Wow – your photos and journey are amazing. What a beautiful place you are in – beautiful smiling people! And you have captured their essence so well. Can I put a link from my page to yours so I can keep following you? I am also a school teacher – in New Zealand (but have taken time out to try to explore my creative side, photography)
    Keep it coming!


  5. hello Miller, how are u? how did the safari pics come out? mine were not very good. a complete amateur still!! had a wonderful time at the safari! exploring ur site right now. hope to see u soon. take care. 🙂


    1. Sharmin,
      I have some good photos, but not as many as I would have liked. It was a wonderful time, wasn’t it! Take care, neighbor! 🙂


  6. Dear Marland,
    Hey, why don’t you put lots of pictures of your good-looking and smart son on your site. That might attract a horde of beautiful spiritual ladies who want to marry him…


  7. Hi dear
    Thais is Azim fro Gulshan,Dhaka. I’m also photographer .i talked to you last saterday in Dhaka AIRPORT !!! you were waiting for your guest. and nice to introduce with you.
    If possible can you send me your email ID to me arazinbd@gmail.com


  8. Saw my country from another angle ,,, keep it up ,,,
    Appreciate what you are doing … i love photography ….
    Contact me if you are around dhaka & i will see if i could be any help to you…


  9. Hello, Marland! I am delighted to visit here. I have a friend who grew up in Dhaka and is going to school near London now. He is a fine young man. I am enjoying your blog tremendously. I will refer my friend to our blog. The photographs and stories are wonderful. Thank you.


    1. George,
      Glad you are enjoying the blog! Since I am out of the country till November not as likely to post Bangladesh photos, but they will probably be mixed in as time permits. Hope your friend will enjoy the blog.


  10. Hello Marland,
    For a client of mine in the Netherlands I’m looking for a picture of the Chili Harvest. I’ve seen you have some beautifull pictures. Can I use one of yours?
    Kind regards


      1. Dear Marland,

        Im a social media manager who is looking for a suitable picture for a small Facebookpost of one of my clients. Im looking for a picture of the Indonesian harvest of chili.

        My clint sells Homemade sambals. After 3 years he has to increase the prices. I want to use the picture just to tell, that prices increases because we want all people to have a good living.

        As a reimbursement I can mention your name on the picture. Please let me know, whether this is okay with you.

        De picture on the internet is suitable for Facebook.

        Kind regards.

        Astrid van der Windt

        WindTkracht social media support



  11. Sir., My Self MASUD from Dhanmondi ,Dhaka. How are you ? Hope Good. Ur Every Photography is Beautiful. All of Just Excellent Job. I like that so. Also I am a Photographer too. I am doing a Job in a Publishing Office. But My Hobby is Photography, Painting & Music. I love to take Photos From my Canon EOS 7D. My Friend come Big Brother., FAHAD KHALIL (Riyad) , he doing gossip about U with Me. Also He Play Foot Ball with U in MOHAMMADPUR as he said to me. Sir, I am so Interested about you. Hope we will meet soon. I will show U my some of Photography. At last I just want to say U, Ur Just Best . 🙂 U must take care your self ..
    Thank U so much
    Dhanmondi 4/A.R/A


  12. Hi,

    I just found your blog through Google images. I’m also a blogger and aspiring photographer. I just wanted to see if you were still in Dhaka. I would very much love to meet you and have a little chat. Feel free to check out my blog too if you’re interested in knowing more of what I do.

    Hoping to see your response.


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