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This gentleman from the Bangladesh Army let us get close to the monument, even though it was being prepared for an upcoming holiday! Thanks!!!

The Bangladesh Police officer on the left was instrumental in allowing us inside the beautiful

Wickipedia Info: The National Martyrs’ Memorial (Bengali: জাতীয় স্মৃতিসৌধ Jatiyo Sriti Soudho) is the national monument of Bangladesh, built to honour and remember those who died during the War of Liberation and Genocide in 1971, which resulted in Bangladesh’s independence. The monument is located in Savar, about 35 km north-west of the capital, Dhaka.[1] It was designed by Syed Mainul Hossain and built by Concord Group.

Plans for the monument were initiated in 1976. Following the site selection, road and land development, a nationwide design competition was held in June 1978. Following evaluation of the 57 submissions, Syed Mainul Hossain‘s design was chosen. The main structure and the artificial lake and other facilities were completed in 1982. It was Inaugurated at 16 December 1982.

The Gaye Holud is a pre-wedding celebration!

And Un-cropped

I thought this was an interesting capture! A festive occasion, which means wearing beautiful saris. It was the First Day of Spring, and Valentine’s Day, so they could choose to dress in Red or Yellow!

A special day in which people either dress in yellow or red! A festive occasion, for sure. Red would be the typical color for Valentine’s Day, and Yellow, for the First Day of Spring. These holidays fall on the same day in Bangladesh. Those days are a street photographer’s paradise!


These women wanted my wife and I stop and drink tea! I had stopped quite often at this tea stand over the years, so they recognized me. They hadn’t seen my wife very often, and maybe not at all. We enjoyed the visit, and the complimentary cha!

Portraits I

Mother and son, and lady with a beautiful fan!

Bride and Groom at the end of the ceremony!

Hair Decorated with Roses!

This photo sure looks posed, but obviously I had their attention! Of course, it isn’t every day that a foreigner walks down this side street! I suspect this will be one of my favorite photos for 2023! Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh