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Bass Baked to Perfection

Brother Harry demonstrated his culinary skills!


A tasty Bengali dish prepared by my daughter-in-law!  Yum, yum!!

To our U.S. friends, to our Canadian friends who have already lost all the weight they might have gained at their Thanksgiving meal, and to our friends worldwide, whom we are thankful for!

God Gives Us Richly All Things to Enjoy!  I dug this photo out of the archives! 2008


McKinley Soccer Coach congratulates his son on winning a well-earned trophy.


Tiny but Tasty!

Picked near the Marchington Road East of Sioux Lookout!

Fruit Dish


I decided to post about food, since before I was able to get some nice snow photos this morning the wind had blown the snow off of the bushes and trees. I was busy sweeping and shoveling the white stuff!


An item on the Der Dutchman breakfast menu:

Buttermilk biscuit with sausage gravy, two eggs, hash browns, choice of meat ham, bacon or sausage and homemade toast.

No Need for an Invitation

via Daily Prompt: Invitation


We didn’t need an invitation to go to my 93 yr-old mother’s house for breakfast!  She always had the table set and ready to go! Note the “F” on the melmac plate!  She had ordered plates when we were “back on the farm” with each of our initials, and some extra for her! Nostalgia!

Deli Sandwich and Chips


A delightful sandwich at Deli-Ohio in Canton, Ohio!

I forgot to get a photo of my sandwich, so my daughter-in-law patiently waited while I photographed her sandwich! 🙂

Arms Folded and Table Set20081127-img_1300

Memories of Thanksgiving 2008 in Bangladesh!!



Lambert’s Cafe II “Home of the Throwed Rolls” : The Unique Restaurant in Ozark, Missouri where they toss you the hot dinner rolls! If you leave hungry, it is your own fault!