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Gentleman Washing his Ambassador Car in Agartala, Tripura, India

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Intense Conversation on the Sidewalk

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marlandphotos-blog-conversation-three-street-photography marlandphotos-blog-conversation-four-street-photography

Trying to get the point across!


Can Someone Please Identify These Items From Bangladesh Market

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I saw these at the Farmgate produce market.  A gentleman said they are some kind of nut!

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Scenic View From the Niederhorn near Beatenburg, Switzerland-Altitude 6408 Ft.

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The Many Views of the Egg

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On a Pile


On a Tray With One Yolk Revealed


Sunny Side Up (TL) and Omelet (BR)

Eggs are priced at around 10 cents/egg right now in Bangladesh! Not a poor man’s food, for sure.

Rolling Pin Lays Idle

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Elderly Bengali Lady

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