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Day 211

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KASEY CHECKING OUT THE SCENERY FROM THE DHAKA TO MYMENSINGH TRAIN.  This is my favorite photo that was taken on this trip.

Day 210

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Day 209

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BAILEY DRAWS A CROWD ON THE west side of Dhaka near my friend Halim’s fish farms.  The last 26 days was a busy time with Bailey, but I suspect this will be the last photo of Bailey for awhile.  It seemed in a way like a 26 day family reunion, though besides us, Bailey was the only family member who arrived!

Day 208

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BAILEY WAVING GOOD-BYE TO ALICE AND DUSTIN as we are heading out to meet Cheryl who Bailey is going on to the airport with.  Bailey’s 26 day visit sure went fast.

Day 207

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MY WIFE ALICE WITH MY NIECE BAILEY, all dressed up in saris, ready to go to a Guy Holud.

Day 206

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BAILEY DECIDES TO BUY A BURKHA!  These photos were taken at Taco Bell at the Boshundra City Shopping Center in Dhaka. Before


Bailey said she was tired of everybody staring at her as she traveled around Dhaka.


Day 205

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DUSTIN WITH “SISTER” DIPTI AND HER HUSBAND JAMES posing with Dustin’s Birthday cake!  Dustin’s cousin Bailey sneaks into the photo.