World Photography Day and My 67th Birthday!

A nice coincidence for someone who loves photography!  I also have 4 friends who have birthdays on this day, as well as Pres Bill Clinton and Orville Wright! Pres Bill Clinton is 1 year older than I am, and the Orville Wright passed away in January the year I was born! Interesting since, I have around 440 hours with my private pilot’s license! Not sure what Pres Bill Clinton and I have in common besides our birth dates!

My darling wife, Alice took me to Jitter’s Coffee Shop in Millersburg, Ohio. I had a great 20’s Reuben sandwich! Delicious!

Ingredients: Rye Bread, Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Mayonnaise, and Swiss Cheese!

20's Reuben Sandwich
20’s Reuben Sandwich
First Bite!
First Bite!

Happy Birthday to Myself!

The coolies in the market call me, “Luchi!”  I saw this graffiti, and thought it would be fitting for my birthday post. Not sure what happened to my forward post, but it never showed!