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Skittish Whitetails

These white-tail deer sure were skittish, showing their white-tails as they ran off.

Under Cover

Now is not the greatest time to come to take photos of the clock tower on our Courthouse in Millersburg. Renovations are happening.

Electric Linesman at Work

And November 2020 is also almost behind us!

“There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”
– Abraham Lincoln

I was busy taxiing most of the day, and never got a chance to put my photos onto my computer and post! Hope it was a day of thanksgiving for you all!

Fall Plowing

Plowing with Horses

The days work is done, giving the horses and the farmer rest.

Fun Times

Fall Harvest

Harvesting corn!

Antlered Entryway

There are probably 150+ deer antlers on this entrance to someone’s place. This was West of Flori, Iowa.

Through the Brush

A morning view of a farm, which has greeted us this weekend, while staying with friends in Iowa.