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As the market prepares for another day it is hit with bright sunlight which we hadn’t seen for several days!

The drizzly day turned into a downpour just in time for us to go out! Rickshaw Wallah was prepared with a piece of plastic keeping us quite dry till we arrived at our destination. It did let up by the time we returned. This week we had several short rains, but this is likely the first heavy rain since October!


Both of these cards brought me pleasure when I received them recently! The drawing of the Loon took me back to 1993, when my son, Austin did the drawing and made cards with it. Thanks, Carol for sending this card, with the care package! The second card meant a lot because it was from Farhana, a fellow photographer, whom I had met 14 years ago. She made this card for me using the the Cyanotype printing technique. It was nice to catch up with her after not chatting for at least 8 years. Sometimes the things that might look little, are big because they are so precious. Thanks Carol and Farhana for taking the time to share these meaningful cards with me.

The lady’s outfit coordinates with the sign above her. The fellows shirt, and Cotton Candy match the upper sign, though both colors clash or contrast with the other color!

This gentleman from the Bangladesh Army let us get close to the monument, even though it was being prepared for an upcoming holiday! Thanks!!!

The Bangladesh Police officer on the left was instrumental in allowing us inside the beautiful

Wickipedia Info: The National Martyrs’ Memorial (Bengali: জাতীয় স্মৃতিসৌধ Jatiyo Sriti Soudho) is the national monument of Bangladesh, built to honour and remember those who died during the War of Liberation and Genocide in 1971, which resulted in Bangladesh’s independence. The monument is located in Savar, about 35 km north-west of the capital, Dhaka.[1] It was designed by Syed Mainul Hossain and built by Concord Group.

Plans for the monument were initiated in 1976. Following the site selection, road and land development, a nationwide design competition was held in June 1978. Following evaluation of the 57 submissions, Syed Mainul Hossain‘s design was chosen. The main structure and the artificial lake and other facilities were completed in 1982. It was Inaugurated at 16 December 1982.

Joys of Childhood

It is always nice to be around children! They love life and enjoy playing! Magnet Art, and Race Cars!

The Thinker

Soft Sepia with Grain Preset!

At least here in Bangladesh! Takes me back to the days when we baled hay and put it into the barn, sometimes 1,000 bales in one day. At the end of the day, one of the rewards was cold, sweet watermelon!