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WordPress reminded me that I have had this site for 13 years. I haven’t had time to upload current photos, so I reposted this photo! I had to think of the 13 year journey, and going down the road of life! Thanks to all of you who follow me, and sometimes give me comments. May you all have blue skies ahead of you, as in this photo! This lane belongs to a very conservative Amish farmer. They are not allowed to have gravel on the lane! I suspect in the Spring it will turn into mud! I guess we each need to choose how minimalist we want to be.

2,476 Posts with 851 followers, and the most visited post being the  Bengali Village Girl .  I appreciate all the support I have felt. I attempted to give you a window into my life through the photos! I think I achieved the goal I had for this blog.  I haven’t posted something every day, as I did for he first years.  I have learned a lot from many other bloggers. I appreciate all the comments many of you have made over the years. One thing I would like to improve on, would be the captions for the daily posts, and possibly adding a quote or poem to the photos. I have rarely, if ever had a post without a photo, and it will likely stay that way! Enjoy the next 10 years! 🙂

I thought this would be an appropriate photo, since my wife has faithfully walked by my side, supporting me as I take photos, and blog!! Including walking together on the Highline Trail, near Logan pass in Glacier National Park, Montana this past summer!!

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As I mentioned in a previous blog, these are some of the melmac plates my mother bought with each of our initials on them. She has given us all our plate, but had some left with “F” initial because of her name, Fannie!  This is a table she had set for us when we visited her in Florida in January. She is 93 years old and going strong!

Who I am and Why I am Here

I am publishing not only so my friends and family find out about some of my activities, but also because I think others may enjoy my photography. I have rarely posted text only in my blog, but have always included a photo.  Maybe that will change with this blogging101 course?!  I have spent 15 years working in hospital laboratories (chemistry, immunopathology), and also was a school principal for 20 years. I am an American and  have spent most of the last 7 years in Bangladesh, where my youngest son works as a linguist. My oldest son lives in Ohio, U.S.A., with his wife and three sons.

I think my two favorite types of photography are portraits and street photography.  I would have mentioned lifestyle photography but I think most of that is likely covered by Street Photography!  I am shooting with a 7D Canon camera. It was around 1960 when I took my first photo, which was taken with a Kodak Instamatic.  I enjoyed taking photos for my High School newspaper and yearbook (1964-66) with a Twin Lens Reflex camera.  During that time I did most of the developing (B&W) for those two publications.  I purchased a Mamiya/Sekor SLR camera which I used for many years.

I think I posted at least one photo every day on this blog from late 2007 to May 2013. Recently I haven’t done it every day, but try to do it frequently.  Very likely this blogging101 course will change some of this. It will be interesting to connect with others with similar photography interests.  By the end of this year I hope many more people will be enjoying my photography.  I tell people I am not a great photographer, though I have a lot of experience and do love this hobby.

The topics I cover are either travel or photography related, with some personal milestones and important occasions described. Some of my hobbies are hiking, soccer (football), scrabble, and photography.  If you are interested in looking into other cultures and countries, and/or enjoy photography you will likely like my blog.