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Fav Author

Who is your favorite author and why? Max Lucado, because he is “down to earth,” and is practical.

A photo of my cousin, Paul E. Miller, and my Uncle John Miller, who wrote the book, Paul is holding.

Fav Meal

What’s your favorite meal to cook and/or eat? For sure a favorite meal would be a Bengali meal.

Tops on the list would be the Nan Ruti, Dal Bhaji meal topped off with a cup of cha! Any curry meal would run second! Yesterday I was privileged to have both of these meals! Note the salad with my breakfast Nan meal, which was four slices of cucumber, a lemon slice, and a hot pepper!


After a morning walk with my wife, and a soccer match, I had my favorite breakfast of Nan riding and dal/bhaji at the Jannat Hotel (restaurant).

What’s Your Fav Pie

Pie selections at our Company banquet!

Bride & Father-in-Law

This photo is high on the list of favorite photos of the wedding photography, I did yesterday, for a friend!

Day 135 (2) Day 135 (3) Day 135 (1)

I love this ad on the wall of a building near Coffee World in Lalmatia!  It is likely because this is the kind of camera I used from 1964-66 when I was doing photography for my high school newspaper and yearbook!

Great style of camera! The good ole' days!

Great style of camera! The good ole’ days!

Do You Like Your Hot Sauce Hot or Mild?

My favorite restaurant in Dhaka (Nando’s) gives you a choice for your sauces from no spice to very hot! They serve some great chicken. This photo is of some of their wall decor!