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Thoughtful Gift

A counted-cross-stitch with the date of our marriage hangs gracefully in our bedroom!! Our 50th anniversary is 6 months away, so the gift was in plenty of time to exhibit at that time! A big thank you to the friend who crafted this “Labor of Love!”

Best Wishes in November

The center of a pieced and quilted old handkerchief wall hanging.


It’s Like This


Philipp Wellstein's Grandmother

My First Cousin’s Son and His Wife Arrived This Morning!

Day 159

SOME NICE STITCHING BY former sex-workers learning a new trade at a MCC project in Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

Today I enjoyed a sweet lassi at the Nando’s restaurant.  Some of their slogans caught my eye as I entered the restaurant.  “It takes longer to marinate our chicken than it does to fly to Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, or North America.”  Another slogan said, “Power Supply Limited/Coke Supply Unlimited” obviously talking about the large amount of load-shedding in the city during hot days to conserve electricity and their new item on the menu (bottomless Coke).  I heard last week while FACEBOOK was blocked in Bangladesh, they had a sign that said if you are missing “Farmville”, come in we have lots of chicken!!    Hope you all had a great day!

FORMER SEX WORKERS quilt two layers of old saris to make throws, etc.

Yesterday, I visited the Bengal Gallery in Lalmatia, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  There were photos featuring several issues including child labor.  It mentioned that 17.5% of the children between age 5-15 work with the average income a max of $10 per month whereas the average adult laborer receives $50 per month.  In the brick factories they get paid $0.90 for every 1,000 bricks they handle!  Those working in the silver cooking pot factories get 200 taka ($2.80)  per week working 10 hrs per day.  In this poor country the families are desperate for food and so send their children to work, sacrificing the opportunity for education, etc.

Day 75


This was a small section of a beautiful bedspread done by some village ladies.

Bengali Crafts