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Day 304

HAPPY FAMILY with the 4-day old, Josiah Andrew.

Nice family

Day 303

LEGOS, and a whole box of them. Our friends surprised their sons with this gift after arriving from America.

A treasure!

Day 302

NEIGHBOR DOG that can’t handle the cold weather!  I had to put this photo on for a good friend of mine who doesn’t think this is true for Dhaka dogs!! 🙂

Hot Dog!

Day 301

YARN WINDER in Joypara preparing thread for weaving a lungi.


Day 300

CARPENTRY TOOLS which were being used to build cupboards.

Carpenter tools sitting idle

Day 299

THE TWO MUNCHKINS we took care of while their Mother was at the hospital awaiting the arrival of their little brother!  They weren’t as menacing as they look!

Proudly wearing their new glasses and caps!

Day 298

JOSIAH ANDREW PETERSHEIM arrives at 12 Noon!  A big congratulations to his family!

Here I am, you lucky people!

Happy Mother!Proud Dad!

Day 297

DUE DATE FOR OUR FRIEND   I guess we still have just under 6 hours for the baby to come on the due date.  Thanks, my friend for letting me post this sight-unseen.  I thought her friends would appreciate a current photo!  🙂  It feels like I’m going to be a Grandpa again!!

Anxiously awaiting!

Day 296

MILK which my friend sells to neighbors and friends.  He has at least 5 cows, a fish farm, and helps his father operate a tea stand.  They have a “cowboy” who leads the cows out of the family courtyard and out to eat grass.

City Dairy Farmer's product

Day 295

CHAIRS, CHAIRS AND MORE CHAIRS on Eid day near the Zia Park.

Red? or Blue? Take your pick!

Day 294


Camerist is an old term used for the photographer.  Delmar Penner took this photo in Kumarkhali, Bangladesh.  This is a photo of myself some villagers enjoying seeing their photo on my camera.

Marland in village

Day 293

A PIZZA HUT CELEBRATION was scheduled for my birthday in August, resulted in them doing their H.B. chant for me and giving me this bouquet of flowers.  I don’t think this is normal, but I think they remembered that I was a good friend of one of their workers who had just quit.  I had played football with him, and usually he gave me and Alice a free cup of coffee or ice cream when we came with friends.

Take time today to have some coffee with a friend.  Time is fleeting and precious.  Don’t put it off, tomorrow may be too late.

Coffee, birthday and flowers!