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Waiting at the Doha, Qatar airport 16 hrs for our next flight!

Clean Slate

The slate is wiped clean! I guess it is time to take a break!!! No taxi work till the end of March!!

Preparing for Spring

Today I took our lawn mower to the local sharpener, so it would be sharpened and ready for the Spring season!


This was my Christmas Eve activity, in between taxi runs!

Merry Christmas

I couldn’t resist sending this photo to our brother-in-law for Christmas! Of course I had sone somee photoshopping, to get the cardinal onto the binoculars (And not a good job of it). Hoping you all have a great Christmas Day!

Not Going to Hang Around Here


Young mother enjoying a lunch at local coffee shop with her two children!

I’d love feedback on which photo you would choose, if I only posted one? Thanks in advance!

Hats Off to This Collector

Snack Time

This squirrel finds a way to get a hold of some peanuts from this bird feeder!