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Dusty Lane

Serene country farm in Ohio. This sect of Amish think gravel, would be a luxury, not to be indulged in. Or for sure, concrete or blacktop for their driveway. Of course not much could hinder the passage of a carriage (buggy)

At a local restaurant!

Birthday Party

The plates had belonged to my wife’s mother! This was a birthday party, we had last week, for our daughter-in-law, Marita.


Gentlemen, at my Friday morning breakfast routine at Boyd & Wurthmanns in Berlin, Ohio!

A Father’s Legacy

While waiting for taxi customers, I found a library to sit at and work on “A Father’s Legacy” book. It is a book in which a Father answers questions concerning his childhood, to help his children get a picture of what life was like, then! I was given this book as a gift, probably 30 years ago! It will get finished. I had put many of the questions in my computer, so I could write things out, editing, etc. and then put the answers into the book in perfect penmanship, and with the same color pen. Well I did deviate with the same ink idea, and I suspect some of the words will be hard to read, since some of it was cursive, and written while holding the book on the steering wheel of my taxi van! Have a good day, leaving a legacy for someone.

The Amish farmer who bought this farm in 1998, is glad he decided to continue with the apple orchard, instead of dozing the trees, and having a dairy farm!


Brings back memories of growing up on an Iowa farm, where we raised purebred Suffolk sheep!

I did a U-turn to go back and photography still building at the corner of 104 & 53 in Oak Orchard, NY. It caught my eye because the corner wasn’t square. Looking on Google Satellite View, I see it is an L-shaped building, and the L is not a square angle.

Mallard Carvings

Carved in December 1986 for Dixie/John!

I found these in Bradenton Florida!

Not sure why I am posting this on Groundhog Day!

Well-Worn Hitching Rail