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Day 272


Rain drops are falling!

Day 271


We have had some rain almost every day for ten days!  This lady was on the rooftop and caught me taking a photo, so he went into the “posed” mode!  Street photography is challenging in this country.  I love the vivid colors the women wear!

Rescuing the Laundry! Too late!

LADY WALKING on Asad Avenue

The streets are not as crowded during this time from the Ramadan Eid through Durgha Puja, the main Hindu holiday.

Going somewhere!

Day 269

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 10-yr old grandson, Jensen.  Until he was nine months old, I knew I was a grandpa, but never got to hold him, since he was born in Bangladesh.  In 2000 we met Austin’s and Dustin in Bangkok, spent a week in Chiang and then made our first visit to Bangladesh where Austin’s and Dustin were living.

Jensen, with cake he decorated.

FOOTBALL PLAYING resumes with the end of Ramadan and the Ramadan Eid. Here I am guarding the goal which is typically my position on Friday and Saturday mornings.  It was nice to see the guys again after a five week break.

I thank either Dan or Frieda Mast for this photo taken last Winter.

Marland the Goal Keeper

Day 267

DHAKA DELUGED BY DOWNPOUR is the headlines in the Daily Star today!

Dhaka city dwellers had to endure ankle to knee-deep water in many areas yesterday as torrential downpour flooded many streets since Monday.

On Monday: 1 3/4 inches (44 mm) in 5 hours

On Tuesday: 1.8 inches (30 mm)

On Wednesday: 2.28 inches (58 mm) in 6 hours

Of course rain brings out the umbrellas. This lad is still smiling.

Happy Bengali

Day 266

ZIA PARK is the place to see friends on holidays.  Halim, I and some of his friends spent an hour here before I went to his room to celebrate Eid.  Eid is the Muslim’s biggest holiday, like Christmas is for us.

Happy Crowd!

HALIM AND I –  I went to his house to help celebrate Eid after spending an hour at Zia Park with him and 4-5 of his friends.


Day 264

EID MUBARAK to all my Muslim friends!  I hope you all are having a good time with your families either in Dhaka, or in your villages.

Here are the flags near the Parliament Building put for this special day, which comes right after Ramadan (the month of fasting).

Eid Mubarak!

Day 263


Here beside Asad Avenue is the black-topping equipment ready to resurface the street where needed due to the recent laying of new drainage pipes.

Waiting for the road-surfacing crew.

Day 262

HALIM’S MOTHER in her kitchen.  She cooks up a very tasty curry.  Halim is a Muslim friend, whom I play football with two mornings per week.

A Great Bengali Cook!

Day 261

FORTY THREE years ago today, I met Alice Marie Yoder and 1,000 days later we had our very special wedding day.  New students at the college were invited to spend some time in a professor’s home to get acquainted.  Both of us ended up at the same professor’s home, and that was the start of a great relationship.

To Alice, my Love!

Thanks for letting me into your heart,

And sharing your life with me!

You accepted me for who I was,

The young man from West of the Mississippi.

Soon after our marriage, man landed on the moon!

Two great events in a single year!

You’ve been my best supporter,

On the many paths my life has taken me!

It’s been a pleasure to be your husband,

Pilot, pastor, boss, photographer, and best friend!

I’ve enjoyed hiking with you in Colorado,

Arizona, India, and in Nepal!

You are the best cook in the whole wide world,

And can make sweet rolls that are loved by all!

Our many guests have consumed 1,000’s of your chocolate chip cookies,

And many, many loaves of your delicious home-made bread.

You were very adaptive in your cooking and baking,

Whether you were using an electric, gas, or wood cookstove!.

Besides being a great wife,

You are a great mother, and grandmother!

With your communication skills you make a great story-teller,

Whether for guests, your sons, or grandsons.

You can tell many tales from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa,

As well as Canada, Iowa, and Bangladesh.

Thanks again for who you are,

And what you mean to me.

Marland, your Grateful Husband

Septmember 18, 2009

Blowing Bubbles!