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Blowing Out the Candles

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Yes there was a birthday cake!  Actually, it was given to me by the Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen Restaurant in Mt. Hope, Ohio because I ate breakfast there on my birthday.  The candle is an amazing Flower whose petals open with candles on each petal.  It also plays a nice tune.

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Happy World Photography Day

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It is nice to share my birthday with “World Photography Day!  I’ll post this today since in Bangladesh it is already on the 19th, and I haven’t told WordPress that I am in the U.S.!!

Here I am enjoying a pretzel at the train station in Bern, Switzerland!

Also proud to be wearing the TTL polo shirt from our 5th “Bangladesh in Frames” photo exhibition!

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Bengali Driving German-Made Rickshaw in Bern, Switzerland

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Bridges in Bern, Switzerland

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I took the one photo on the route to the Rose Garden, and the other one from near the Rose Garden.  Both span The River Aare.

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Grandson Playing Chess With His Cousin

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Church on Lake Zurich

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Beatenburg Swiss Handyman

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