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My mother taught me many things, including a lack of inhibition which helps capture photos of strangers, like this one! Thanks, Mom!!

BENGALI WOMEN WORKING ON CREW to excavate a ditch.  With Mother’s Day coming soon, I’m sure many people would be glad their Mother didn’t have to have this kind of job.  It is commendable that they are working and not begging! I suspect there were days my Mother worked this hard!

Day 130

MY DEAR WIFE, ALICE  with the Mother’s Day gift she received from Austin’s.  Riley couldn’t wait to give it to her.  He crawled under the table and on to my lap, and gave her the gift bag as he said, “Happy Mother’s Day!” 

FRENCH FRIES at the American Club where we went with Austin’s and Dustin to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Day 129

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO all Mothers and especially to my Mother, who is 86 years old.

Mom in 1946 in Kansas!

The next photo is in 2006 with her sisters, in Iowa.  Fannie (Mom) on left.  Mary (Mrs. David L. Miller, Kansas) center, and Esther Zook on right.

Mom in Ohio at an Eli C. Miller Family Reunion before we left for Bangladesh.

Day 131

MOTHER’S DAY BREAKFASTPineapple and mango/>

We had a nice breakfast at Austin’s on Mother’s Day. Austin fixed baked oatmeal, and some fruit, served with yogurt.
Dustin, Alice, & Austin