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This scene blessed me upon entering the village of Walnut Creek, in Holmes County, Ohio!


Sugarcreek Sunrise

The nice view that greeted us out the back door of where we are staying! No rice fields but still nice and green!

Lovely Sugarcreek Fields

Soon I’ll be in the land where coffee is the preferred morning hot drink (U.S.A). But until then I will enjoy my morning cup of “Cha (Milk tea with sugar and sweetened condensed milk) while in Bangladesh!”  Yum, Yum! I actually had both coffee and cha this morning and I am ready for the day.



The Empty Hammock

Hammock At Sunrise

Three Men Enjoying Conversation With Their Morning Cup of Chai

Three Cups of Tea

The Taj Mahal

Early Morning Reflection

Early Morning Reflection




Sheep in Autumn