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Break Time

Passerbys check out the idle shovels!

Back to Work

It’s Like This

What’s behind that gate?

This young girl and I were surprised when we both entered this hallway and saw each other. So many memories of visiting her Uncles at a different location. Now she is probably 10 years older, and so am I! 🙂 What a nice surprise!

Also inside gate is this special family: Masum and his family. I met Masum 15 years ago, and we played soccer (football) together for 8 years. A very good friend! I enjoyed playing with the children, and enjoyed a nice meal of curried fish & chicken, dal, and rice!

In “my happy place!”

As the market prepares for another day it is hit with bright sunlight which we hadn’t seen for several days!

The drizzly day turned into a downpour just in time for us to go out! Rickshaw Wallah was prepared with a piece of plastic keeping us quite dry till we arrived at our destination. It did let up by the time we returned. This week we had several short rains, but this is likely the first heavy rain since October!

Coordinated Contrasts

The lady’s outfit coordinates with the sign above her. The fellows shirt, and Cotton Candy match the upper sign, though both colors clash or contrast with the other color!

Grilled Pomfret at the “Chef’s Table” in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Chill Pill

An interesting choice of restaurant name, on Zakir Hossain Road, in Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh! My friend enjoyed his burger. I enjoyed my momo’s.

We were outside the apartment building waiting for an Uber, so either this fellow was curious why we were just standing there, or he thought we might eventually decide we need a ride!