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One of the many mosques in Dhaka, which at one time was called the City of Mosques!


The Van Gari in top photo has the colors of the Bangladesh Flag! We hired a Van Gari to move the furnishings from our apartment to the one that Dustin rented when he down-sized since we were leaving. I was creative (or lazy) when I couldn’t find a photo of a flag in my current collection, to step out on the veranda and take a photo of this flag!

School buses from two different companies, with and without scholars! Assuming the one company tries to have a route that takes 10 minutes or less to get the children to school, or just decided on this catchy name! When I went to school “in the good old days,” I pedaled to school!

Nearby Sunset

Where is the best place to watch the sunset near you? Intellectual Martyr’s Monument: I have taken sunset photos here in the past, and it is nice to get the sunset through this opening in the monument. From my home, the best place to get a sunset photo, is standing in the straight, or from the upstairs bedroom window, looking past the next door house and above the clock tower of the courrthouse.

Photo credits: Flikr, not sure of the photographer

Martyred Intellectuals Memorial is a built in memory of the martyred intellectuals of the Bangladesh Liberation War. The memorial is located at Rayerbazar, Mohammadpur Thana in Dhaka. Wikipedia

This photo sure looks posed, but obviously I had their attention! Of course, it isn’t every day that a foreigner walks down this side street! I suspect this will be one of my favorite photos for 2023! Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Flaming Dessert

Hot caramel poured over ice cream and brownie at the Manhattan Fish Market!

DPS Ultimate Guide by Publisher: Darren Rowse, who said I should make it available for my friends!

The Ultimate Guide to Street Photography (2022)

Here is some street photography from today on Assad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The gentleman on the left is my Bengali barber. They are unloading some ice, which they will crush and sell across the street at the Towne Hall Bazaar.

What is your preferred mode of travel? Rickshaw, thought not available in most countries!

Jannat Hotel sign (my fav restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh!
Dhud Cha (milk tea)
Dal/Bhagi, Nan ruti, and salad(4 slices of cucumber and a hot pepper)!