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Getting used to my new mirrorless camera (Sony ZV-E10). I was parked on the road trying to capture a photo of this wild turkey that was crossing the road, and then trying to get over a fence. So it goes.

On this day I enjoyed the many sightings of birds and animals. A sandhill crane out in a farmer’s field, this turkey crossing the road, and on three occasions deer standing beside the road watching me go by. I stayed with this family, who had Baltimore Orioles coming to their feeder, like I have house finches, and goldfinch coming to mine! In the evening we strolled down to a large pond and caught a mess of crappies, and bluegills, which were enjoyed the next morning at breakfast! Their little boy is around 9 months old! This all happened on my two day, 1,000 mile trip into Michigan this week.

Enjoy your day and the rest of the week!

It’s Like This

What’s behind that gate?

This young girl and I were surprised when we both entered this hallway and saw each other. So many memories of visiting her Uncles at a different location. Now she is probably 10 years older, and so am I! 🙂 What a nice surprise!

Also inside gate is this special family: Masum and his family. I met Masum 15 years ago, and we played soccer (football) together for 8 years. A very good friend! I enjoyed playing with the children, and enjoyed a nice meal of curried fish & chicken, dal, and rice!

In “my happy place!”

As the market prepares for another day it is hit with bright sunlight which we hadn’t seen for several days!

The Thinker

Soft Sepia with Grain Preset!

National Sons Day

Us, the Father and Mother

Somebody Found a Kitten

And Un-cropped

A special day in which people either dress in yellow or red! A festive occasion, for sure. Red would be the typical color for Valentine’s Day, and Yellow, for the First Day of Spring. These holidays fall on the same day in Bangladesh. Those days are a street photographer’s paradise!

While this lady was posing for someone else, I decided to take a photo!

A nice birthday party! Starting off with a Cypriote Salad, and finishing up with Chocolate Cake!