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Spartansburg, PA.


A collection of pics from my last visit to airport!

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My First Cousin’s Son and His Wife Arrived This Morning!


I HEARD MUSIC AND ANNOUNCEMENTS THE SECOND DAY SO I RETURNED TO THE VILLAGE TO SEE THE BOLI KHELA.  This time there were young men wrestling, so the information I had at first was accurate.  They must have decided to also add some bull fighting to give the two day festival some variety.  Here is a description of  the Boli Khela:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boli_Khela

Boli Khela (or Bali Khela) (Bengali: বলীখেলা) is a traditional form of wrestling in Bangladesh, particularly popular in the Chittagong area. Boli means a powerful person in Bengali, while Khela denotes a game. It is particularly played in the month of Chaitra (March-April in the Bangla Calendar).[1] A festival usually takes place on the 25th of April in the port city Chittagong at the Laldighi Maidan attracts thousands of supporters each year.  Wikipedia

Just Pick Him Up and Carry Him!