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My Current Distraction

I remember when as a lad, a 1,000 piece puzzle seemed daunting! This one has 1500 pieces, and they are fully interlocking!!? It looks like I will have a challenge prioritizing my time!

Jumping Jack

I was inspired by this toy a friend brought to carving club. I think I will try to carve one similar to it! Happy Day before U.S. Thanksgiving. I loved it when in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving in October, and then also celebrated Thanksgiving in November!!! It even made me feel special when the other day, someone posted a blog regarding Father’s Day in Sweden. I love special days, and love being a father!

Awaiting the live production at “Sight and Sound” theater, in Pennsylvania. It felt like you were right in the city of Susa. They did a terrific job, as always.


Are they Guernsey or Jersey cows? Also not sure of the dark colored cow!

Lollipop Time!

First Snowfall

Goldfinch in the Morning Before Snowfall

Goldfinch in the Afternoon After the Snowfall – November 14, 2021

In front of this stove is where I like to spend my time during the snowfall!


Harvest Time


Grazing at Sundown

Before I got the shutter clicked this girl turned around and saw my tele pointed in her direction! So it goes.