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Day 118

PLAYER LOSES THE ADVANTAGE OF A TACKLE.  Usually it works better on your feet than your hands.

Day 117

NORTH END COFFEE ROASTERS IS WHERE my friend Ellis and I had coffee and some delicious brownies.  The owner is Rick Hubbard who is a friend of my son, Austin.  The coffee shop is located at KHA-47-1 Pragati Sharani Shahzadpur, North Badda, across from UITS not far from the U.S. Embassy.  Let me know if you like the Color or B & W version or Sepia!

Color Version

B & W

Day 116

ONE OF OUR PLAYERS OBVIOUSLY THINKS HE WAS FOULED during this play.  The referee thought otherwise.

Day 115

ONE OF OUR TEAM’S SHOTS ON GOAL that wasn’t successful as we lost the friendly match 1-4 yesterday afternoon.

Day 114

RUMKI, HALIM’S WIFE AT THE GATE which leads to their home in Mohammadia Housing.  Halim is a good friend of mine.  Until we knew her better we always thought of “room key” to remember her name.  It’s amazing the helps we use in trying to remember words in another language.

Day 113

‘”HAPPY EASTER” TO ALL MY FRIENDS!   Today is Easter Sunday, a holiday celebrated by Christians around the world.   Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 21.  It might also be called Resurrection Sunday.  It is the day that Jesus rose from the dead after his crucifixion and burial on Good Friday!

HERE IS  A PHOTO OF THE SUNRISE over the Parliament Building in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

FRIENDS ENJOYING NEW YEAR’S DAY by sitting by the canal.

Day 111

TODAY IS “GOOD FRIDAY” WITHOUT WHICH there  wouldn’t have been an “EASTER SUNDAY!”

HERE IS A YOUNG BENGALI MAKING COTTON CANDY in front of Aarong’s hoping to attract business from the Pre-New Year’s Day shoppers.


Day 109

RICKSHAW WALLAH (Driver) HAVING SOME FUN when business is slow!

Day 108


Day 107

ON PAHELA BAISHAKH NOT EVERYONE was dressed in red and other bright colors.

This woman and her son were scavenging for recyclable items to sell.  When he saw me talking a photo he quick told her, so she turned around and faced me. 

This man probably was dressed in his finest, since that is probably he owned.  I suppose it kept him warm at night and kept the sun from beating on his body during the day.  He probably thought the New Year’s Day celebrators might share with him!