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This cute little girl surely doesn’t grasp the seriousness of the prayer! She is being dedicated to the Lord! Her eyes are only on the photographer!

Paying Respect

Tragedy struck: A young father and his son were killed when a car hit their horse-drawn cart from the rear. Now the family and friends come together to pay their respects. Here are the carriages parked in an organized fashion.

First Major Snowfall

Our home after the first major snowfall of the season. Also before and after daylight. Also, before and after snow was cleared from the sidewalks and streets!

A Nice Surprise

I am quite sure this is the first I have had a Hairy Woodpecker at my feeders! A nice surprise!

Big equipment

These Auctioneer’s helpers are busy taking bids!

The Gentleman on the right, and on this side of the open door, whose eyes are locked on the Auctioneer, will soon have the highest bid for this truck. I was not fast enough for what I thought would have been a Great Photo (A photo of this gentleman and his wife, when his wife showed the Auctioneer’s helper their bidding number after having the highest bid for this truck) They were overjoyed!

Another view of the old Truck


The gentleman had this response when he realized he was being photographed!