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Celery Fields

Yesterday we hiked here, a favorite hiking and birding spot for locals.

A Great White Egret one of many birds we saw!


I think the Stop sign is for the wind that is bringing cold air into Florida! We came here to spend some time where it is warm! We better not complain, since where we came from, it was at least 50°F colder.

Shrub Shadows

A shrub pruned, waiting until Spring to show it’s beauty again!

Backyard Feeders

Holly Berries

Somehow I thought these berries on the neighbor’s bush were mistletoe!! I guess not. She said we can use any of them we want in decorating. I was going to put them on top of all our doorways!!! 🙂 So much for that plan! Have a great January. By the the time you see this I will probably on my way to West Virginia, doing a 3-day meander towards Florida, with stops in W. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina! I might even post some photos of the hopefully “Sunny South!”


This cute little girl surely doesn’t grasp the seriousness of the prayer! She is being dedicated to the Lord! Her eyes are only on the photographer!

Paying Respect

Tragedy struck: A young father and his son were killed when a car hit their horse-drawn cart from the rear. Now the family and friends come together to pay their respects. Here are the carriages parked in an organized fashion.

First Major Snowfall

Our home after the first major snowfall of the season. Also before and after daylight. Also, before and after snow was cleared from the sidewalks and streets!

A Nice Surprise

I am quite sure this is the first I have had a Hairy Woodpecker at my feeders! A nice surprise!