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This couple is enjoying a morning walk at Twin Lakes in Florida. It is something to be grateful for, to still have a spouse that we continue to walk through life with, in our “Golden Years!” Golden, mostly because we have each other. My wife faithfully prepares food for my meals. She has also taken up doing the snow shoveling, and lawn mowing, because I am quite busy with my taxi work, and she enjoys the exercise! We have been blessed to have celebrated 55 Valentine’s Days, since we met in the fall of 1966, during our first year of University! Thank you, Sweetheart!


I was glad to see this Black-necked Stilt at the Myakka River State Park in Florida, on Monday. Upon returning home, it was as I suspected, and it was not a “lifer” for me, since it had showed up in Ohio, last year. A “lifer” for the non-birders means it is the first time you have seen that bird. I think the 16 “lifers,” I saw on vacation in Florida brings my life list up to 245 on eBird. I have around 60 species that I observed in India, that I haven’t put on eBird yet. Have a great day!

Nanday Parakeet

Many of these Parakeets are flying around here, in Pincraft, Sarasota, Florida! Brings back memories of Bangladesh! I had to take a photo of my laptop screen, because we don’t have an internet connection at this time!

Celery Fields

Yesterday we hiked here, a favorite hiking and birding spot for locals.

A Great White Egret one of many birds we saw!


I think the Stop sign is for the wind that is bringing cold air into Florida! We came here to spend some time where it is warm! We better not complain, since where we came from, it was at least 50°F colder.

Fruit Dish


I decided to post about food, since before I was able to get some nice snow photos this morning the wind had blown the snow off of the bushes and trees. I was busy sweeping and shoveling the white stuff!


An item on the Der Dutchman breakfast menu:

Buttermilk biscuit with sausage gravy, two eggs, hash browns, choice of meat ham, bacon or sausage and homemade toast.

No Need for an Invitation

via Daily Prompt: Invitation


We didn’t need an invitation to go to my 93 yr-old mother’s house for breakfast!  She always had the table set and ready to go! Note the “F” on the melmac plate!  She had ordered plates when we were “back on the farm” with each of our initials, and some extra for her! Nostalgia!

Stone Cone

This sculpture is found on Bahia Vista Ave in Pinecraft, Florida, U.S.A. The ice cream served here is very tasty!

IMG_9726 - Copy

I loved this pipe sculpture in front of Olaf’s Ice Cream Shop in Pinecraft, Florida. Behind the shop is also a Pizza Parlor!! They do serve some great soft serve ice cream.


Finger Lickin’ Good

2016-01-07 19.07.19Fried Chicken and Baked Potato at Yoder’s Restaurant in Pinecraft, Fl.