Day 117

SUPER TASTY MEAL Fish, leafy vegetable, eggs were served during my visit to Halim’s house in the Mohammadia Housing area.  There was also dal (lentil soup) and two more kinds of fish.  It was the best Rui Mach (Bengali name for the fish) I had ever had in Bangladesh. Continue reading Day 117

Day 116

INTERRUPTED NAP Halim’s Brother-in-law checks to see who is walking by his window.  All of his relatives were very friendly.  A few didn’t want their photos taken. Continue reading Day 116

Day 114

HALIM a 29 yr-old young man I play football with.  He invited me to his teastand and house today.  I had an enjoyable six hours with him.  Here he is giving me a cup of tea.   Continue reading Day 114