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I was trying to take only pictures, with not too much cooperation! 🙂 Later they cooperated, but I thought this was a great un-posed photo!


The gentleman had this response when he realized he was being photographed!

I found the photos that had the most likes each month, and then I added one photo which I thought was my favorite (the first one at the top). Thanks everyone for your likes and comments! May we have an even better New Year!

Congratulations, Haley!!


My brother and his wife trying to photograph a warbler type bird in the bushes, so later we can identify it!

As we approached three young ladies, the one was photographing another, so I grabbed a shot of the photographer, and the sweet smile of the other lady!

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness!” William Arthur Ward

My mother taught me many things, including a lack of inhibition which helps capture photos of strangers, like this one! Thanks, Mom!!

Niagara Falls!