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This is a photo of me taking a photo at the Bangladesh National Martyr’s Monument in Savar. I say farewell, because we have a flight scheduled to return home to the USA on March 23. The three months here, felt like we had never left. So many memories, and good friends in Bangladesh.

National Parliament House, located at Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, is an Architectural wonder in the world and masterpiece of the world-famous architect Louis Isidor Kahn. Because of its architectural values and significance, it is an important place for the visitor from home and abroad. -Wikipedia

You can see this masterpiece in the background.

This is the intersection of Mirpur Road and Manik Mia Avenue, below where the Bangladesh Parliament Building photo was taken.

Here from this vantage point outside the “Seventh Heaven” cafe my friends were videoing the traffic below. We enjoyed a dish of ice cream here as well.

Failed Capture

I was trying to capture someone’s face who was traveling by in the ring of wire!

In the first photo, the ring of wire was in focus, the person had already passed by. In the second photo, again the subject was past the ring, and the writing on the wall across the street was in focus! So it goes!

Wedding Shoot

Photographer in vibrant red!

Interesting to note the young girl in green watching me photograph the “photographer in red!”

What would you title the chapters of your autobiography? On the Farm; High School & Photography; College and Courting; Centerville Days; Times in Kalona; Principal & Pilot in NW Ontario; Schools in Ohio; Bangladesh Years; Taxiing Amish; Mattress Sales Consultant; Birding & Photography; Retirement Years!

This photo captures several of the chapter titles: Birding, Taxi work, and Photography!

Young mother enjoying a lunch at local coffee shop with her two children!

I’d love feedback on which photo you would choose, if I only posted one? Thanks in advance!

Photobombing Photographer

If you look back at posts from other years, you can also likely find my image in the mirror as I am trying to capture the beauty of this ceramic nativity scene, my sister-in-law did in the 70’s for her parents.




I was trying to take only pictures, with not too much cooperation! 🙂 Later they cooperated, but I thought this was a great un-posed photo!


The gentleman had this response when he realized he was being photographed!