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Out for a Stroll

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Table Rock Lake Shore Trail


My Appearance During a Bengali Holiday

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IMG_8854 - Copy

Harvesting Black Walnuts

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It’s tedious and hard work! I heard husking walnuts can be done by driving over them with a vehicle!! I should have tried it. Of course, being semi-retired, I had time to kill! 🙂 Here I am with a plastic glove inside a cloth glove trying not to get a long-lasting stain on my thumbs! This procedure does work!

IMG_7648 - Copy

What Will the Future Hold?

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My last visit to Cox’s Bazaar Sea Beach for a long time!

Looking Ahead

Rickshaw Mechanic Catching up With the News

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This was one of my photos that was exhibited at Kalpana Boarding for the TTL-BIF7 Photo Exhibition.  The exhibition had two venues this year, including Drik Gallery in Dhanmondi.

I actually took this photo while riding a Rickshaw on Asad Avenue in Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I have had tea with the gentleman on the left, and he has even given me free rickshaw rides.

TTL7 Exhibition Photo

My Friend Rubel

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Puzzled Look

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