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Belated Merry Christmas

WhatI faced at 4 am on Christmas morning!

Started this on Christmas Day and finished it the following morning. This puzzle was one of my Christmas gifts.

Taxi work was light, so I decided to tackle this 1,000 piece puzzle! The first time I ever saw a Product Warranty for a puzzle. This puzzle was given to me for my birthday in August.

This is how much I accomplished by Monday morning.

Before And After

Innovative Amish man uses pony cart to move the church benches from one location to another!

Snowy Wintry Countryside

This photo was taken at least a week ago, or more. I suspect many people want to see a similar scene for Christmas Day. Only 11 more days to find out!

Frosty Foggy Morning

Early Morning Vapor

These cold frosty mornings it is good there is heat in this chicken house, as you can see by the rising vapor.

A Has Been

This old barn along this country road has seen better days, and is likely not a great place to explore!

Early Morning Silhouette

Corn shocks on top of the hill are silhouetted nicely in the early morning. There are still a few Amish farmers her in Holmes County, Ohio, that shock their corn to let it dry before bringing it in from the fields.

Ear Corn

You don’t see much corn in cribs like this anymore. It brings back memories of years ago back on the farm. Of course Iowa farms are noted for their corn. Nowadays farmers usually store their corn as shelled corn, in bins. Probably Amish farmers are some of the farmers that do put away “ear corn”!

Santa (Jim) has been visiting this family for a long time. Santa brought gifts to the Mother of this home when she was a little girl! Like Santa said, “That was a long time ago.” He said he can’t afford to visit all the children of the children of the first family he visited, but he visits at least this family and one other one, because he kind of took a liking to them. The same has happened to me. Maybe biased, since the children say I am their favorite taxi driver!