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Yellow Submarine

Obviously the “Yellow Submarine” fits into the theme of this “Legends of Music Barn” near Clark, Ohio. Depending upon your age, and music tastes this will take you back to the Song, that Ringo Starr, one of the Beatles, sang

Fall Colors

An old Ford Farm Tractor parked at the garage looks a newer model than the 8N Ford I learned to drive with. This scene was near Fremont, MI.

Muted Blues and Reds

Through the Brush

A morning view of a farm, which has greeted us this weekend, while staying with friends in Iowa.

Barn Swallow Nests

While Driving an Amish Farrier to the different farms to shoe horses, it was interesting that this barn had at least 30 barn swallow nests. As you can see, they fastened some corn cobs, for a convenient base, making it possible for many more nests.

April Wedding in June

This wedding was originally scheduled for April, but changed so they could have more guests.

Note the tables and lights for the reception in the barn, as well as the tent, to help with social distancing. The wedding is actually 1/2 mile up the road!

The scene I had after dropping off my taxi customers at the wedding. More guests: Arriving by buggy, bike and vehicle!


This title will need an explanation for most people, but probably not for most people who speak the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect of German.

An Ayrshire is a breed of dairy cattle that originated from Ayrshire in Southwest Scotland before 1800. In Pennsylvania Dutch “shiah” or loosely pronounced shire means, barn. Therefore since this old barn is letting lots of air through it is called an Ayrshire (airbarn), connecting the English and Pennsylvania Dutch to get the name of a farm animal. I suspect this would be considered a “meme!”

Weather-worn and New

My friend , and favorite singer John M Schmid, bringing joy and hope during this season. The setting was at the “Legends of Music Barn,” near Millersburg, Ohio, my home town!

Thanks, Rusty Baker, Artist, who graciously hosted this event! He has also painted murals in at least 200 cities and towns, worldwide!!

Amish Barn-Raising

They didn’t want people getting up close during this barn-raising, and since I don’t have a telephoto lens for my Sony alpha6000, this is the shot I got this morning. this event might only happen in this community, once in three years. Two weeks and one day ago, the original barn was on fire. This is how it looked at 9 am this morning. I suspect it was finished by the day’s end. The Amish church community got together, and by today the farmer had another barn! For years this was done without the help of the machinery, to lift the rafters etc.