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From the Farmers Almanac:

Corn Farmers’ Measuring Stick

Knee High by the Fourth of July” is an old saying once used by farmers to measure the success of their corn crops. Years ago, if corn had grown kneehigh by Independence Day, it was a good sign and meant they could count on high yields for the year.

It looks like a great corn harvest this fall.

It is still hay-making season!

Through the Brush

A morning view of a farm, which has greeted us this weekend, while staying with friends in Iowa.


With a taxi customer, we stopped to see this unique piece of equipment. We knew he was going to start mowing at 7 am. This talented Amish farmer built this horse-powered hay cutter that cuts a 24 foot swath!

The Amish farmer who bought this farm in 1998, is glad he decided to continue with the apple orchard, instead of dozing the trees, and having a dairy farm!


I long for the countryside. That’s where I get my calm and tranquillity – from being able to come and find a spot of green. – Emilia Clarke


Lamb  Feeding Time


Bengali Farmer

Working in the Rice Field

Bengali Farmer

Bengali Farmer

A tiller in action!


I couldn’t resist taking another sunset shot at this location.  I’m almost sure I took a shot here three weeks ago and likely a year ago as well. I love this flood plain for sunset photos.

Homeward Bound!