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Day 242

A CAR THAT SHOWED UP in Berlin, Ohio.  Quite unique!  I sure miss my Rebel XTI which is in for repairs.

Day 241

DUSTIN AND I HAVING A fun game of scrabble at Java Jo’s in Berlin, Ohio!  At least, until he passed me in points! 🙂  It was a special time with some good coffee. You may have noticed I am wearing a sweat shirt that my Mother gave me!  I was wearing it to stay warm and not to make a statement!  The saying on the sweatshirt is:  “I may be left-handed but I am always right.”  Half of the statement is true, the fact that I am left-handed!

CONGRATULATIONS TO KATRINA MILLER AND FELICIA BYLER, two of my former students.  It was a pleasure to chat with them today.  It brought back good memories of their first years of school.  They will both soon be married!

Day 239

ALICE, MY WIFE, out in the forest.

JACK, AND ELDERLY GENTLEMAN I visited with in Northern Pennsylvania.

Day 237

LARGE WHITE-TAILED BUCK  still in velvet, in the brush!

Day 236

A WHITE-TAILED DOE wondering who is in her territory!

Alice and Dustin returning from a walk in the woods.

Day 234

DUSTIN, MY SON, and I posing during a walk through the woods.

Day 233

FOGGY MORNING in Potter County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Day 232

A WHITE-TAILED DOE with her fawn suspicious of someone walking through their territory in Northern Potter County, Pa, U.S.A.

Day 231

AUGUST 19,  and I am celebrating my 62nd birthday.  My niece, Starla grabbed my camera and said it is time this camera takes some pictures of me (Marland).  Here is one of the results.  My wife, Alice in the background seemed to be enjoying the moment as well.