Day 242

A CAR THAT SHOWED UP in Berlin, Ohio.  Quite unique!  I sure miss my Rebel XTI which is in for repairs.

Day 241

DUSTIN AND I HAVING A fun game of scrabble at Java Jo’s in Berlin, Ohio!  At least, until he passed me in points! 🙂  It was a special time with some good coffee. You may have noticed I am wearing a sweat shirt that my Mother gave me!  I was wearing it to stay warm and not to make a statement!  The saying on the sweatshirt is:  “I may be left-handed but I am always right.”  Half of the statement is true, the fact that I am left-handed!

Day 240

CONGRATULATIONS TO KATRINA MILLER AND FELICIA BYLER, two of my former students.  It was a pleasure to chat with them today.  It brought back good memories of their first years of school.  They will both soon be married!