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Ice Art

Faded Glory

Stars and Moon Shine Bright

Pigs with Fiddle and Rose Bud

Liven up the Night


Somehow, not all of the children got into the act! Not sure what the photograph said to get this response. I had left my camera at our company lunch room after the banquet. Someone must have grabbed my camera and had fun with it!

What’s Your Fav Pie

Pie selections at our Company banquet!

Ping Pong

After our company banquet we had a ping-pong tournament! The “Grandstand” was not focused on the match! 🙂

More Snow

Rain all day yesterday, now snow today! ❄ Roads messy, but tolerable. Side roads and streets not cleared yet. The scenery is beautiful.

All Squints Adjusted

I saw this at my eye Doctor’s office this morning, and couldn’t resist getting a photo to post! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Hands at Work and at Rest

This couple is enjoying a morning walk at Twin Lakes in Florida. It is something to be grateful for, to still have a spouse that we continue to walk through life with, in our “Golden Years!” Golden, mostly because we have each other. My wife faithfully prepares food for my meals. She has also taken up doing the snow shoveling, and lawn mowing, because I am quite busy with my taxi work, and she enjoys the exercise! We have been blessed to have celebrated 55 Valentine’s Days, since we met in the fall of 1966, during our first year of University! Thank you, Sweetheart!