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Silver Linings

Storm Brewing


Black and Blue



It is Kite Flying Weather

Flying High!

Flying High!

Safe Landing?

Safe Landing?

Kite Flyer on Rooftop in Early Evening.

Kite Flyer on Rooftop in Early Evening.


SOLAR ECLIPSE of July 22, 2009 coming to an end.  After going to a local “hotel” for a Bengali breakfast of Dal and Nan Ruti, I took one more shot of the solar eclipse as I headed down the street.  It was probably the last chance to see before the clouds took over.

Moon decides to let the Sun shine again!

Day 203

SOLAR ECLIPSE over Dhaka, Bangladesh

I decided not to take the 10 hour bus ride yesterday to be in Northern Bangladesh to see the total eclipse, so here is one of my photos of the partial eclipse from the rooftop of our apartment building.

Solar Eclipse dancing in and out of the clouds.