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Day 365

AS THE SUN SETS every day, so every year will end.  I trust you all sensed God’s presence throughout the year.

Day 364

DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER or a coffee mug? Whatever it is she likes it a whole lot.

Day 363


Day 362


Day 361

POTTER WITH the pots in the pottery village near Manikgang.

Day 360

ALICE WALKING with friends on a path to a village near Manikgang.

Day 359

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS!!  Since I am in Darjeeling, India and decided to upload this photo to be published on Christmas Day, I am using one from last Christmas Day.  I am at the Gulshan 1 Pizza Hut with two of my Miller cousins, Wilma and Paul.

Day 358

YOUNG BENGALI GIRL posing for a photo.

Day 357

ARCHITECTURE OF AN old building in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Day 356

PATRIOTIC LITTLE fellow being carried by his brother.

Day 355

TEACHER ASSIGNMENT  is to write about your dream vacation.  I’d think I’d like a view of some beautiful mountains.

CRICKET IS A very popular Bangladesh sport.