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What’s behind that gate?

This young girl and I were surprised when we both entered this hallway and saw each other. So many memories of visiting her Uncles at a different location. Now she is probably 10 years older, and so am I! 🙂 What a nice surprise!

Also inside gate is this special family: Masum and his family. I met Masum 15 years ago, and we played soccer (football) together for 8 years. A very good friend! I enjoyed playing with the children, and enjoyed a nice meal of curried fish & chicken, dal, and rice!

In “my happy place!”

The Gaye Holud is a pre-wedding celebration!

National Parliament House, located at Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, is an Architectural wonder in the world and masterpiece of the world-famous architect Louis Isidor Kahn. Because of its architectural values and significance, it is an important place for the visitor from home and abroad. -Wikipedia

You can see this masterpiece in the background.

This is the intersection of Mirpur Road and Manik Mia Avenue, below where the Bangladesh Parliament Building photo was taken.

Here from this vantage point outside the “Seventh Heaven” cafe my friends were videoing the traffic below. We enjoyed a dish of ice cream here as well.

And Un-cropped

I thought this was an interesting capture! A festive occasion, which means wearing beautiful saris. It was the First Day of Spring, and Valentine’s Day, so they could choose to dress in Red or Yellow!

DPS Ultimate Guide by Publisher: Darren Rowse, who said I should make it available for my friends!

The Ultimate Guide to Street Photography (2022)

Here is some street photography from today on Assad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The gentleman on the left is my Bengali barber. They are unloading some ice, which they will crush and sell across the street at the Towne Hall Bazaar.

Fulmore Reflections

Lake Fulmor on the road up to Idyllwild, California

Pumpkin Spice Trail in Shipshewana, Indiana gets a lot of traffic.

Vacationers on the “Samson” waiting to get off of the boat, after a one hour whale watch trip on the coast of Oregon. We did see 3-4 whales!