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Morning Ride


Bikers at Crescent Bend Nature Park, Schertz, Texas

Focus Points

I got distracted by the Paper Hat, while Tim was bringing the morning message!


I think this fish was caught on the first cast, giving hopes for a great of fishing!!


No such luck! Heading out after 30 minutes, hoping for a better day tomorrow!

Sorry, the bird photos have to wait!

Birders enjoying Magee Marsh during the Biggest Week in Birding in Northwest Ohio, the Warbler Capital of the World.


From J Mason Brewer’s advice in “Worser Days and Better Times”, 1965;  “Love is blind, but the neighbors aint!” A similar expression is first found in Chaucer’s Merchant’s Tale, circa 1405.

Magee Marsh, Crane Creek, BWIAB, Ohio, Birding

Digging into my archives for a photo, and thought this might be appropriate! In case you are wondering, Spring will come! The photo was taken on the Magee Marsh boardwalk!

Eager Models

How is That Soup?


2,476 Posts with 851 followers, and the most visited post being the  Bengali Village Girl .  I appreciate all the support I have felt. I attempted to give you a window into my life through the photos! I think I achieved the goal I had for this blog.  I haven’t posted something every day, as I did for he first years.  I have learned a lot from many other bloggers. I appreciate all the comments many of you have made over the years. One thing I would like to improve on, would be the captions for the daily posts, and possibly adding a quote or poem to the photos. I have rarely, if ever had a post without a photo, and it will likely stay that way! Enjoy the next 10 years! 🙂

I thought this would be an appropriate photo, since my wife has faithfully walked by my side, supporting me as I take photos, and blog!! Including walking together on the Highline Trail, near Logan pass in Glacier National Park, Montana this past summer!!