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Good Bengali hospitality, generally means serving a cup of tea!

Idyllic Country Homes

Country Home with Pond and Great Hospitality

Country Home with Pond and Great Hospitality

Typical Holmes County Farm Buildings

Great Food and Hospitality in This Home

Great Food and Hospitality in This Home

Home for us for 4.5 months.

Home for us for 4.5 months, with super generous hosts!



The shopkeeper on this street in Mymensingh set out chairs for Ida and Carol to sit on.

Relaxing beside the street in Mymensingh.

Day 158

THIS WAS THE TASTY BENGALI MEAL of fish curry, mutton curry, rice and dal that we were  served in a village in Munshiganj district of Bangladesh.  The meal is served on the bed on a oilcloth type of table cloth.

Day 60

THIS BENGALI IN MYMENSINGH SHOWED TYPICAL BENGALI HOSPITALITY when he saw me drinking a cup of tea.  When I wanted to pay for it he said, “No, I will pay for it.  Of course he said it in Bengali, since I’m quite sure he didn’t know how to speak English.  This is very typical of the Bengali people.  Six of us adults and two little girls were walking along the river in Mymensingh and a large school group came there to eat their lunch.  The teacher invited us to join them, but we declined since we had just come from ROM-III, a very good restaurant in Mymensingh.

Day 166

BANGLADESHIS ARE ONE OF THE MOST HOSPITABLE people in the world.  Most times when visiting in a home you are given a snack.  Sometimes it is a nice sweet biscuit and 7-up, and sometimes biscuits with tea.  Sometimes it is fruit or mishti (sweets).  Here is a treat we enjoyed during our visit to an MCC project in Mymenshingh, Bangladesh.

After our early morning (4:45) walk I realized there will only be five more of those walks before we head for Ohio, via KL (Malaysian airport), Los Angeles, and Columbus!