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Bloganuary Questions

What color describes your personality and why? Bengalis call me “Ever Green,” because I am always cheerful.

What irritates you about the home you live in? The floor our Living Room and Dining Room is too high to be able to see our bird feeders!

Sundown Lighting

Side Note: As a taxi driver this is how I like the snow. Everywhere but on the driveways and roads! 🙂

Amish Country Home

A lovely home for the grandparents. Either the son or son-in-law is returning from mowing hay with the team of horses!

One Step at a Time

I had several taxi runs today, taking ladies garage sale-ing! I am assuming they found some bargains. I bought a saw for myself, and a fidget-spinner for my 96 year-old-mother!

Also enjoyed homemade apple butter on home made bread from a wood-fired oven!


Nostalgia: A house we called home for four and one-half years!


So pleased to see that the wren family decided to use the birdhouse I hung in my little backyard!

We call this our bird sanctuary! If you look you can see the wren sitting on the wrought iron pole above the birdhouse!

What is Your Home Like?

2016-01-20 09.36.28 - Copy

Our Home in Ohio for Awhile

My Grandfather lived just over the hill from here years ago, and we used to come here and visit, when our sons were small. It is in the country.

IMG_5813 - Copy

Village Home

Idyllic Country Homes

Country Home with Pond and Great Hospitality

Country Home with Pond and Great Hospitality

Typical Holmes County Farm Buildings

Great Food and Hospitality in This Home

Great Food and Hospitality in This Home

Home for us for 4.5 months.

Home for us for 4.5 months, with super generous hosts!