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Newsboy uses bicycle for his deliveries!



Here is a sampling of some of the travel snacks that arrived here  this week!  Nice for trips out of town!

Rold Gold Tiny Twists! 

My friend heard about my predicament with a stolen Canon XTI camera.  He had me speechless when he presented me with a Canon7D camera with a 24-105 1:4L lens! I haven’t recovered yet, but I will.  This would be the first photo I took with the camera.

Craig Mullet, my generous friend! Jet-lagged?

Washing all the beach sand out of the motorcycle!  This was the motorcycle and driver that were hired for me.  Sorry, about that photo yesterday!  I didn’t check it close enough, to see that not much was in focus.

Cleaning up the bike for the ride back to town!

These were some of the approx 17 motorcycles we hired to go up and down the Kuakata Beach to catch the sunrise, sunset, or fisherman village!


Double Decker

Playing in the bushes!

This hippopotamus is at the Bangabandhu Safari Park in Chakaria, Cox’s Bazaar near Malumghat.

Nice Tooth!

Our son, the linguist!

Relaxing between Tennis Matches!

Trying to Make a Living!

Putting his net in the river.

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Have You any Wool?

I Love This Blade of Grass!

When I kept responding to other National Monument visitors who wanted a photo with our guests with a yes, these were some of their responses!  Hopefully they still love their “tour guide!”  It looks like I can’t include Abigail as a participant in these antics! 🙂

Young boys always love to play around or in the water!

Having Fun Moving the Boat around!