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A photo taken at Kuakata Beach.  The photographer was using the motorcycle driver for the foreground of a sunrise shot.

Jenny in action with her camera.

We were up early and traveled by motorcycle and boat and then motorcycle to get to this spot near Kuakata.!

Action at Sunrise!

Washing all the beach sand out of the motorcycle!  This was the motorcycle and driver that were hired for me.  Sorry, about that photo yesterday!  I didn’t check it close enough, to see that not much was in focus.

Cleaning up the bike for the ride back to town!


Waiting for Husband and Son!

I GOT UP EARLY TRYING TO CATCH THE FULL MOON THAT I DIDN’T CATCH BECAUSE OF GOING TO BED TOO EARLY!  It was 10 pm which is actually late for me and not early! 🙂  I suspect I might do some post processing to enhance this photo later.  But until then!

Full Moon, such as it is! It’s there somewhere behind the clouds. Yes, I got up at 4 am for this.