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Natural Bird Feeder

Returning home from a 3 week road trip, I filled our bird feeders. If this goldfinch was attracted to the finch feeder, it was soon distracted by the natural sides close by!

City Lights

Early morning Nashville cityscape!

Rose Among Thorns

Ok, it isn’t a rose, but I thought it worked! A little beauty in the desert in New Mexico.

Trains and Semi-tractor trailers moving cargo in the West. I love to take photos of trains, and skies with clouds. I didn’t mind that the Semi photo-bombed my photo of the train! 🙂 Have a great day!


Since an early age, I have been delighted when seeing cattails!

Approaching Las Cruces in New Mexico from the west.

Special Birthday

It is nice to spend time with my Sister, Lillian in California. We have had 6 great days together, with 2 more, before we head East again! And great to be here to celebrate my 74th birthday with Lillian and her family!!

My Wife Finds a Friend

Truck Engines and Drivers resting at the Echo Canyon Welcome Center in Utah! We also enjoyed a short hike up the hill behind the Welcome Center.

Target Game

This reminds me of a game we had when I was a young boy, in which we used a rubber-band shooter or dart-shooter to flip birds off of a perch!