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Joy and Sorrow

This will be in my Top 10, for photos of the year! It is a portrait of my good friend, Joe, digging the grave for my dear Mother, who lived 98 years and 22 days! What a full life she lived. Today her body will be laid in the grave. There is joy because she is in a better place. Sorrow because she will be missed. Joe knew my mother well, and they had great times together.

Bride & Father-in-Law

This photo is high on the list of favorite photos of the wedding photography, I did yesterday, for a friend!

Bridal Table Arrangement

The bride, a good friend of ours, arranged this plate for me to photograph it! It was a lovely wedding!


My Friend Rubel



We had two special sons and three grandsons, as well as a great daughter-in-law, but we never had daughters or granddaughters!

We have been blessed by others like this little gem, who are like daughters or granddaughters to my wife and I.

AnnaliseMy little friend with me!

It was special to go to Platinum Suites in Banani with my good friend for their breakfast buffet!  The buffet included omelets, beef bhuna, chicken sausage, pancakes, sauteed potatoes, alu bhuna, conjee soup and other items.