Day 86


Here you see what happened to our sidewalk which used to extend past the trees.  With the installation of a new waste water line the dirt was shoveled up on to this sidewalk.  Where else to go?  Oh by the way, we had a hard rain today.  I think the first since October or maybe November.

Single File

Day 85


A special day for a special country and special people!  My friends took this photo when we returned from watching a cricket match between South Africa and Bangladesh.  

At home in Bangladesh!!

Day 84

BEGGING One of the older lady beggars I frequently give taka to. I wonder if the economy has hit her?

Please help me!

Day 83


I caught these girls giggling as they were waiting for traffic to stop so they could cross Road #27.  They noticed me taking a photo and then posed for a close-up.  

Joyful Girls